The Team

With the staff strength of over 1000 plus employees, Al Barary takes pride in its highly skilled and seasoned team of professionals, including the best in the field who pride themselves in carrying out their work promptly and professionally. Our teams have collectively accomplished several great projects over the years.

Rapheal P. ThomasManaging Director
Marshal MichaelGeneral Manager
Titto P. AntonyKey Account Manager
Stanly K. Chacko Key Account Manager
John George Finance Manager
Jos Thazhekkadan Procurement/Admin. Manager
Sreekumar Pankajakshan PillaiFactory/Production Manager
Sun K. RajEstimation Manager
Suresh LakshmananTechnical & Design Manager
Benoy KurianPublic Relation Officer
Tom T. ThomasExecutive Secretary
Procurement 2
Design Team Lead1
Project Engineers5
Site Supervisors5
Site Foreman 10
Site Workers (Skilled)49
Site Workers (Semi-Skilled) 54
Site Workers (Helper) 42
Factory Foreman1
Factory Coordinator1
Factory Workers (Skilled)16
Factory Workers (Semi-Skilled)37
Factory Workers (Helper)28
Drivers 9